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Strike Out Cancer

Striking Out Cancer

Want to rack up Strike Outs beyond the diamond? Help me Strike Out Cancer for my Brother Randy Boivin by purchasing this AWESOME … Read More

The Baseball Player

Grill Cheese

I have over 6 years in Major League baseball and counting. Baseball is my love, my pasion, and the vehicle to live out my childhood dream. Discover more about me and my baseball career on this side of the website. Get an inside look as I share with you more about my journey from starting out as a 4th overall pick in first round of the 1997 draft then onto the gravel road after 3 potential career ending surgeries prepared me for success later in my career as I took the less travelled to reach success later in my career.

Get inside access to more videos, lessons, pictures, how to join Jason's fan page, interact directly with the "Grillcheese" via social media like Twitter and or book him for a public appearance near you.

The Marketing Geek

Jason Grilli

Definition of a Jeek: Jock that is also a geek. Revenge of the Nerds live and in the flesh if you will. I admit combining and exposing the Techy and internet addict within me and applying the principles of sports into Online success started after my first major injury that questioned my ability to pitch. That is how Perfect Pitch Marketing born and came to fruition.

Not everyone can pitch or play baseball at the Major League level and earn the dream paycheck like a professional athlete. Some people are learning and earning to make even more than some professional athletes. Watch the video below and learn the secrets of success and how Jason is helping others learn and earn their way to similar paydays via internet marketing no matter your interest or expert level.

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